domingo, 5 de setembro de 2010

Entrevista com Debbie Finnegan (MAC senior artist for UK and Ireland)

Debbie was one of the two make up senior artist(with Sam)to give us the master class on Brown Thomas store here in Dublin!
And here is the interview with her! She is a sweetheart, very nice, and oh my God talent!!!!!!!!

1-Full name and why MAC?

My name is Debbie Finnegan I'm a Senior Artist for UK & Ireland
I started working for MAC 9 years ago after previously studying art . I always loved makeup but never realised that there was such a creative element to it... And then I discovered MAC!!
I learned there that you could be individual, have an imagination and be as creative as you liked! I loved that the brand actually encouraged this!!
I adore MAC, I love the products, I love that I get to combine being an artist with makeup, a perfect example of this is when I do events as part of the MAC Pro Body Painting Team!! I love working with people and customers who also are passionate about makeup, I could go on there is so many reasons why I love working for MAC!!

2- The top 5 products!
My top 5 products are as follows
1 studio sculpt foundation- flawless full coverage gel based foundation
2 Strobe cream a moisturiser with a dewy glow, the perfect pick me up for face and body
3 Smolder eye kohl- blackest soft creamy kohl pencil- perfect for creating sexy smoky eyes
4 Studio fix lash mascara- my FAVOURITE mascara ever! Great for separating and defining lashes
5 Lady Danger lipstick- Hot red lippy with an orange under tone guaranteed to turn heads

3- What we can't miss about MAC?
The one thing I think everyone needs and can't miss out on is brushes!! I'd recommend a good set of brushes so you actually get the best out of your products
Such as
1. # 187 stipling brush to get a smooth airbrushed finish with your foundation
2. # 129 blusher brush, I use it for power and blush great multi use brush
3. # 239 flat applicator brush perfect for building colour
4. # 217 blending brush, great for blending eyeshadow and even concealer
Thank you Debbie, very much for the attention and care!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Todo mundo fala dos pinceis! Sarah, pode mandar que eu quero!


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